Salty Interview: Hawaiian photographer Marc Chambers

Discover the work of Marc Chambers, Hawaiian photographer from the island of Maui. He shares with us his work as a surfing photographer, working closely with Kai Lenny, his passion for traveling and his home design style. How was life growing up in Maui? Life growing up in Maui is so unique, you grow up with your life being surrounded by raw nature. You’re directly influenced by the environment around you and I think it gives you an appreciation for the ocean and your home. It’s a small community and you end up really knowing everyone and I think there’s something special to be able to know everyone closely.  How did your passion for photography start? My passion started in high school...

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Interview of illustrator and surfer AJ Dungo, author of “In Waves”

We met surfer and artist AJ Dungo who published the book In Waves. A poetic comic that makes the mind travel and shares a powerful message, mixing his passion for surfing and personal story. We had the chance to interview AJ Dungo and wanted to share with you his beautiful work. Can you introduce yourself ? My name is AJ Dungo and I’m an illustrator.   Can you tell us more about your book “In Waves” ? I wrote a book called “In Waves” which is published by Nobrow Press. It’s a graphic novel that intertwines two narratives; one historical and one personal. It’s essentially about love, loss, and the history of surfing. What inspires your art ? That adage...

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How Does A Tide Clock Work?

The story behind this clock. Tides punctuate the lives of surfers, sailors, fishermen, and all ocean lovers. More than a clock, it is a way to stay connected to our playground. A vintage tide clock found in a flea market gave us an idea… To design a modern and original one. The Salty Tide Clock was born. Let's find out how this decorative object allows you to stay connected to the ocean, no matter where you are. What is a tide clock? More than just a clock. The ability of this clock to connect us to the ocean may indeed seem strange, after all you may think it is just a wooden object with hands that turn. It should be...

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Salty Interview : Ocean photographer Ben Thouard

Meeting with Ben Thouard, ocean photographer and surfing enthusiast living in Tahiti. He shares with us his daily life in the islands, between photo shoots in the water, publishing his books, home design and surfing sessions around the world.   Where are you from and how did you discover Tahiti? I come from Toulon in the south-east of France, I started by doing windsurfing photos in Maui, Hawaii. Then work took me to Tahiti and I fell in love with the place, I've never left. It was 13 years ago. What inspires your art? I have always been fascinated by the element of water, the movement of fluids, the mixture of water and air and I think this is what...

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Our tips to arrange a cozy beach house style living room

Dreaming about living in a cozy beach house style interior? Follow our best tips to bring the sunshine to your living room with Salty Home. You will feel the holiday vibe all year long!    Choose a surfboard coffee table for a cozy living room Bring a beach house style to your living room with our beautiful surfboard coffee tables. Between or different shapes, colors and sizes, you will find the perfect coffee table for your interior. Their kid-friendly shapes are perfect for all the family. Know how surfboard coffee tables are made by salty homes that are unique and perfect for a beach style house. Add a few surfing books on your table to allow your spirit to travel from...

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