- How to change or cancel my order?

To change or cancel your order, send us an email with the contact form. Please mention your order number and the reason why you want to change or cancel your order.

- How to track my order?

We will keep you updated about your tracking information by email or text messages as soon as your order will be shipped.

- What can I do if I don’t receive the right product?

In case you received another product that what you have ordered, send us an email with the contact form. Please mention your order number and send us photos of the wrong product you have received. We will provide you a solution.

- What is the delay to return a product?

You have two weeks to return a product that you don’t want to keep. Please send us an email here in case you cant to return your order.

- What is the fabrication delay?

The fabrication delay of our furniture varies depending on the product. With the covid situation, international logistics are impacted and our delays may be extended due to the lack of raw materials and ports congestion. We will keep you updated with notifications about your order fabrication and delivery delay.


- What are the delivery delays?

The delivery delays of our products are mentioned in each product page. They may vary depending on if the product is available on pre-order or if we have it in stock.

- Can I get my order directly at the warehouse?

Yes, you can get your order directly at our warehouse in California. Please contact us before to make sure your product is available at our warehouse. You will need to show your ID and email of your order confirmation to withdraw your products.

- To which countries do we ship?

We do ship our products worldwide. If you are from Europe, we invite you to place your order from our European website.


- How to set the legs of my table?

The legs of our table are very easy to set up. The technical information to set the legs of your table are mentioned in your table’s package.

- Can I place a custom order?

We do not make custom orders.

- Can we use the furniture outdoors?

You can use your table outdoors. Please protect your surfboard coffee table from sun rays. Indeed, the sun can damage the natural color of the board. Also, we recommend keeping it away from humidity or extreme heat to ensure that it remains in its best condition over the years.

- What is the maximum weight supported by a table?

Our surfboard coffee tables are made to support up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

- How to take care of my furniture?

To take care of your furniture, please refer to our maintenance guide.

- Where and how your products are manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in Asia. Our surfboard coffee tables are made by the best shapers to provide you a piece of quality furniture made to last.

- Do you offer special rates for professionals?

If you are a professional and want to place an order, please contact us with the contact form to get a special rate.

- What are the sizes and shapes differences between your surfboard coffee tables?

Our surfboard coffee tables have 3 different sizes and shapes: The One, The One XL and B59. Please have a look at our comparison chart to have a visual representation of our tables with detailed information.

- If I order today, when will I receive my products?

Our delivery delays vary depending on if your product is mentioned “in stock” or “available for pre-order”. The delivery delays are mentioned on the product pages. Also, you will find more information on the Shipping & Delivery page.


You haven’t found the answer to your question? Please write us via our contact form.