We believe in durability and your furniture is made to last. You will find our maintenance tips to keep your furniture at its best. Maintain their natural beauty with ease. With a bit of love and attention, your furniture will remain beautiful over the years.

Treatment of the tables varnished surface :

Beware of the sun.

Keep your furniture away from direct heat sources, sunrays, or humidity. It may damage the furniture and alter its natural color.

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Cleaning your table.

To dust off your table, use a soft and dry cloth. Remove any persistent stains with a magic sponge and a window cleaning spray. We recommend cleaning your table at least once a month to maintain its brightness. In case of contact with a liquid, dry the surface with a microfiber cloth to prevent any discoloration of the varnish and swelling of the support.

Products to use.

Do not use any chemical products containing acetone, ammonia, or alcohol to clean the varnished surfaces. Prefer natural products adapted to each kind of material.

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Wooden elements :

Natural change. 

As a natural and living material, wood breathes regularly and reacts according to its environment. Over the years, wood may get small cracks in the varnish or at its surface, into the structure of the wood.


Our advice. 

To keep varnished wood clean and shiny, use a microfiber cloth. One to twice per month, we recommend applying a natural household product based on liquid beeswax with the help of a towel. It is perfect to nurture and protect the wood against any cracks.