Discover the work of Marc Chambers, Hawaiian photographer from the island of Maui. He shares with us his work as a surfing photographer, working closely with Kai Lenny, his passion for traveling and his home design style.

How was life growing up in Maui?

Life growing up in Maui is so unique, you grow up with your life being surrounded by raw nature. You’re directly influenced by the environment around you and I think it gives you an appreciation for the ocean and your home. It’s a small community and you end up really knowing everyone and I think there’s something special to be able to know everyone closely.

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 How did your passion for photography start?

My passion started in high school I was always fascinated with cameras from a young age and really valued that you could remember moments forever with such a tool. Luckily I group up with a group of surfers who helped produce my passion for capturing moments in time and pushed me to pursue actions sports photography.

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 On which projects are you currently working?

This year I was able to work closely with Kai Lenny and Ian Walsh for 2 feature projects. The life of Kai and Why we go with Ian. They take a deep dive into the behind-the-scenes of what their big wave surfing careers are like and pretty much a front seat ride into the intimate moments that come with each individual’s lives.

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What is your favorite photo ever taken?

Favorite photo I’ve ever taken would have been from Jaws. It was an early morning pulling up to the break on a jet ski. Literally, the first photo I do.

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To you, what are the best places and surf spots in the world?

In my opinion, Indonesia and Hawaii are hard to beat. Desert point in Indonesia has the wave perfection, light winds, and long barrels which make for an unreal wave. Nothing comes close to Hawaii and the Banzai Pipeline. Color of the water, power, and size are all things that come together and create some of the most consistent sought after waves.

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 After traveling the globe, where do you feel most at home?

I’ve been to many places and I always discover myself missing Maui. This place seems to be the most balanced place I’ve ever been. Growing up here is unlike any other. The landscapes, the people, food, and surf are truly things you can’t replicate.

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 What is your interior design style?

I’d like to say plantation-style decor with a surf influence makes me feel at home. I love a simple look that’s comfortable. Not really into the modern sterile type stuff.

What are your favorite pieces of decoration at home?

I think my wood furniture! We’ve had a Koa wood dinner table that’s been in my family for almost a generation and it’s been a place of many special dinners, conversations, and holidays growing up.

What does Salty Home represent to you?

Salty Home really does hit the spot. All in the head with surf-inspired decor that feels homey and brightening, with just the right amount of modern flair to it. Definitely pieces I love to have around the home for myself.

Are you working on some upcoming projects for the future?

I’ve been working on potentially doing a series of outdoor surf-inspired festivals where we could showcase surf films, food vendors, merchants, and local talents. I’d love to bring people together and it would be a dream to bring locals and visitors alike together to enjoy the culture and outdoors. Hopefully, one day get it up and running. Would love to have you all there! :)

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Thank you so much Marc Chambers for sharing his work and passions with us! Follow his salty adventures on Instagram @mauimarcc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q.1 What are the best places to surf on the east coast(USA)?

A.  Libby's Oceanside Camp, Cisco Beach - Nantucket, White Crest Beach - Wellfleet,  Ruggles - Newport, Wrightsville Beach, Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Folly Beach, Sebastian Inlet State Park, Little Talbot Island State Park, Anastasia State Park Are Parks Are Perfect to Enjoy the Swell and Camp Close to the Atlantic Ocean. A Little Paradise for Beach Lovers.

Q.2 What are some favorite pieces of decoration at home that are surf-inspired?

A. Wooden furniture that is surf-inspired is very much in trend. Salty home’s collection of tide clock and surfboard coffee table are a favorite piece of decoration at home. Apart from it, surf coffee table books are best for surf and travel lovers.

December 10, 2021 — Anaïs Campillo

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