This week, come along with us to the best surfing spots located on the Atlantic Coast of the USA. Long glassy waves, beach breaks, white sand dunes, majestic cliffs... Find some inspiration for your next surf trips all along the East Coast.


- Libby's Oceanside Camp:

With a magical coastal view, you can enjoy the well-equipped Libby's Oceanside Camp when open from Mid-May to mid-October. The spot is close to the Long Sands' rock wedges and beautiful sandbars.

brent shavnore maine surfing usa

Maine - Brent Shavnore


- Cisco Beach, Nantucket:

A crystalline water and clean beach located close to the town and harbor. Perfect to catch some waves and spend family time during a bike ride.

cisco beach nantucket atlantic coast surf

Cisco Beach, Nantucket - Gray Malin

- White Crest Beach, Wellfleet:

Cap Cod beaches are well-known for their ideal waves to surf with a longboard. The beach is wide, never too crowded. It is absolutely beautiful with its white sand dunes. Besides its high dune cliffs, you might see a seal floating by.

Rhode Island

- Ruggles, Newport:

In the tiniest American state, yet you can find one of the greatest spots to surf big waves and barrels. The ocean view is magnificent. Don't forget a good wetsuit, as the water gets pretty cold there.

ruggles newport atlantic coast surf

Rhode Island, Ruggles, Newport - Warmwinds

North Carolina

- Kitty Hawk:

Located in the well-known Outer Banks, Kitty Hawk's reputation makes it out of the top. Very accessible, this spot benefits from parking and everything you need to rent a board, do shopping, and eat in between your sessions. The waves are perfect all summer long until fall.

- Wrightsville Beach:

In the southern part of North Carolina, this spot is ideal to surf during the hurricane season while enjoying the warm water. It is also suitable for beginners outside this season.

- Cape Hatteras National Seashore:

All surfing levels can enjoy its beach breaks. The best area to surf there is Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach. The lighthouse used to stand 50 yards from this place until 1999, then moved to its new location. Freeman Park: Located 20 minutes from Wrightsville Beach, in Carolina Beach, Freeman Park offers magnificent sunsets and barrels, with great camping options and surfing sessions.

cap hatteras surf spot usa
Cape Hatteras, North Carolina - @tephenquickv

South Carolina

- Folly Beach:

Close to Charleston, in South Carolina, Folly Beach gathers several spots. The best surfing spot at Folly is known as "The Washout". It is a long beach break that can become quite powerful during hurricanes swells or northeastern swells.

folly beach atlantic coast surf

Folly Beach, South Carolina - Justin Morris


- New Smyrna Beach:

You will find there the most consistent wave on the Atlantic coast. It works perfectly all year long. Yes, even during those flat summer days!

- Cocoa Beach:

This beach birthed Kelly Slater and you can sometimes find him on the spot. Perfect waves to begin surfing, but also for all levels.

florida surf atlantic coast

Florida - Michael Mc Kenna

- Augustine Beach:

Even better than Cocoa Beach and great for beginners. This beach is well-known to learn how to surf thanks to its accessible waves, suitable for all kinds of surfers.

- Sebastian Inlet State Park, Little Talbot Island State Park, Anastasia State Park:

These parks are perfect to enjoy the swell and camp close to the Atlantic ocean. A little paradise for beach lovers.

surf florida atlantic east coast

Florida - Michael Mc Kenna

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q.1 What does the ocean bring to the surfer's life?

A. In an interview with Salty Home famous surfer AJ Dungo and writer of the book " In Waves" says the ocean is safe for surfers. A place to escape. It's pure fun. It’s a place that makes you feel in tune with nature. Bolsa Chica state beach is close to his home and a favorite beach to surf. 

Q.2 Why is surfing such a popular sport?

A. Surfing is a sport that's been on the rise for decades. It's fun, relaxing, and great exercise. It also has a long history of being a popular sport. For many years surfing was just a recreational activity for the rich and famous, but now it has become more popular among all walks of life. Read some surf-related books to learn more about the art of surfing.

July 26, 2021 — Anaïs Campillo

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