Aloha White - designed by Kai Lenny
Aloha White - designed by Kai Lenny
Aloha White - designed by Kai Lenny

Aloha White - designed by Kai Lenny

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Who hasn't heard of the Aloha spirit?

With this collection designed by Hawaiian pro surfer and waterman Kai Lenny, bring the Aloha vibes into your decor. In addition to being a special decorative piece, the tide clock will allow you to live by the rhythm of the ocean.

Personalize your living room by combining this clock with Kai Lenny's Aloha Surfboard Coffee table.

Diameter: 12.2 inches
Depth: 1.5 inches

This natural beech wood clock was handcrafted. The deep sand color frame is protected by mineral glass.

Silent clock movement
Works perfectly in Atlantic. On the Pacific, they can be calibrated to different coastal locations using Google setting tables but they must be set once a week on Saturdays to be accurate. Pure deco in Hawaii.
Running on a single AA battery - Not provided

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